Written Testimonials

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What Our Patients Say?

Dr. Dees is amazing! He is a truly caring individual who is dedicated to healing the whole being. Since I've been seeing him for auto accident injury, i am no longer in need of my pain medication.

He genuinely cares about his patients. I have not felt this good in years. I highly recommend him to everyone I know.

- Harris E.

I was involved in a car accident a few months ago. I was at a red light and a lady who had been drinking hit me from behind. She shoved my car into the intersection. My car was totaled. I have always been a very strong and healthy person. I used to go to the gym one to two times per day. After this accident was taken to the hospital because I was hurt so bad. The hospital sent me home with medication. Over the next few days I became more and more sore. I began to have pain into my shoulder and arm.

I decided that I should go see a chiropractor to try and get out of pain and help with my injuries. I was very happy that I did. The chiropractor took xrays to find out exactly what my injuries were.

He began treatment right away and I immediately began to feel better. The chiropractor explained to me exactly what my injuries were and what treatment I needed and how long it would take me to get better. This was the best decision I could have made. I have slowly made improvements and am feeling better. I can now go back to the gym and workout again. In the beginning I was scared that I would never be able to live the same life I used to. Now I am getting back to normal. Thanks to him.

- Eddie S.

Dr. Dees is simply the best! The staff is so cheerful and welcoming. I really appreciate that they are big on educating their patients. I tried other chiropractor before but did not help with my back pain. I do a lot of physical activities and sports, Dr. Dees helped me understand my body and importance of knowing my limits. I used to suffer with severe back pain and even short distance driving is dreadful, but after months of consistent adjustments I was able to regain my full mobility and now enjoy my activities even more. All the best to Dr. Dees and the staff!

- Ian

My friend convinced me to try a chiropractor again, so I researched on Yelp, and found Dr. Dees. I had my initial appointment with xrays, which showed some issues and Dr. Dees came up with a treatment plan. Long story short, two or so months later, I am not only pain free, but I feel better than I ever have. I was so impressed with the change that I brought my youngest daughter to him for some adjustments she needed. I would not trust her with just anyone, but I feel more than confident with Dr. Dees' skills and his wonderful staff even watch my daughter while I get adjusted.

- Kate

Dr Dees is not just a chiropractor. he is a true healer. you may not understand what i say unless you suffer many years from back pain and he relieves you from it. He did not just adjust me , he healed me and I stopped using pain killers after the second visit.

- Rose

I've been in the insurance industry for the last 18 years and was never fond of Chiropractic treatment! Until I suffered my industrial injury and I finally took the advice of my spouse to consult with Dr. Dees and his staff for my neck and headache issues. After my first evaluation, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and experience. I cannot begin to tell you how dramatically it has impacted me. I was able to see the physical change in my cervical area and headaches immediately.

- Yolanda